The Benefits

Listing on website

Being Platinum has its advantages, your company listing will be hosted on the SAMTA website


Platinum membership enjoys a 50% discount on the membership fee

Fee CatTHIS Catalog

Digitalise your company catalogues FREE by CatTHIS!

Regular Updates

Get the latest update in Telegram as part of the family

Corporate Advisory

Visit and advisory by our advisor

Networking Events

Expand your networking connections with our regular

Membership Types

Corporate – Ordinary

Any service provider, institution, or organisation whose business or work supports the objects of the association

$ 500 per annum

Corporate – Platinum

Long-term membership with additional benefits and discounts than an ordinary member

$ 5,000 for 20 years term


Any firm or company interested in collaboration with the corporate members for their expertise and services

$ 300 per annum


Any professional/self-representative who wishes to be a registered consultant, advisor or simply be part of the association

$ 150 per annum

Membership Applications

Apply to be a member here: